syn.for being "in the weeds" (waiter/server)

"dude can you stop seating me can't you see i'm weeded"
by Upgrayedd March 6, 2007
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after smoking a blunt with his boys, donald was feelin kinda weeded.
by sizam August 3, 2003
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To crash, fall, die, or get seriously injured doing some type of "extreme" activity.
To get taken out, sent home, removed from the gene pool, etc.
Man, that guy tried to jump over a house on his dirtbike and he got totally weeded when he came up short.
by KTMNealio December 11, 2003
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some one who had too much booze, or one too many bong rips, or that person that walk out of the bathroom just got done hurlin.
dude you look so weeded
by Dani December 10, 2003
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A kink in which a submissive weed stands in a hole up to their neck covered in dirt and a dominate farmer pulls the dirty weed out of the ground by their hair and throws them in the weed pile where dirty weeds belong because they've been so naughty in the farmer's garden.
I really need a weeding session soon - I've been such a naughty dirty weed lately and I need a good farmer to do what dirty weeds deserve.
by Ferdinand The Fungus September 13, 2021
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The WEEDS is a Blues & rock n roll band that was propagated in 1987 in Victoria, Vacouver island B.C. Canada,"the Garden city". The WEEDS in over 20 years of developing their roots on the island have played everything from motorcycle shows, to dog shows, pubs and clubs,special events, (and some not so special),and lots of fun biker dances, and even paid practices. Thanks to all who have helped them info @
The WEEDS blues & rock n roll band playing for you for over 20 years and still having fun!!
by The WEEDS February 8, 2009
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A lower class drug smoked by people who have realised that life is short, why not enjoy it?
A lot of the definitions here are bull shit, saying that weed rots your brain, and you become a drooling idiot.
I have been a "stoner" for just over 5 years now, and have noticed no difference in my brain activity, have had no problem becoming a grade 1 computer engineer, earning £65,000 per annum, and have generally been able to enjoy my life.
You pathetic people saying it's a "loser" thing to do, need to grow up, and begin to live :)
Weed is the key to an enjoyable lifestyle.
by c4rlz September 18, 2006
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