Slut spelled backwards.
Good use in school.
Dude, Mimi is a total Tuls!
by Emaleigh EpidemiK April 24, 2007
(After causing offence by calling someone a slut)
"Ah, but do you know what slut is backwards?"
"Erm, Tuls?"
"Yeah, and do you know what Tuls means?"
"Erm, no."
"Look it up on Urban Dictionary."
by TheMikes October 6, 2011
A word Sluts use to show great approval
Equivalent to verbal like, upvote, thumbs up, etc
"I bought condoms and fishnet stockings today!"
by LadySwirls August 22, 2016
A person so completely slutty that he/she enjoys it backwards.
After her risque show at the Halloween dance, everyone knew that Mel is a total tuls
by Eliot Roswater August 4, 2006
tuls is just slut backwards. Use tuls when you want to call someone a slut but you are in front of someone who would find that offencive or would tell the person you are talking about. (e.g. teacher, parent, friend of the slut.)
"OMG, don't you think Anna is such a tuls?"
by Campbell Vreeland July 11, 2008
word used by salvadoreans mainly tabudos (people from the town of Santa Elena, Usulutan) meaning its a lie, or you are lying.
benito carmona: mira cerote fijate que ayer me coji a manuela

arturo huevoduro: tul vos sos pajero cerote
by Guanatracho October 16, 2007