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1. Among friends, a vulgar but friendly substitute for any person's name. Similar to pizado.
2. A derogatory way to refer to someone who is not a friend. Insult to denigrate and belittle someone.
3. A piece of shit.

Commonly used in Guatemala and El Salvador, with lesser use in other Central American nations.
1. "Va venir Juan?" (Is Juan coming?)
"Al rato se aparece el cerote" ("He'll show up soon")

2. "Ese cerote te va asaltar" (That moterfucker will steal your stuff)

3. "Puta! No me di cuenta del cerote en la calle y lo pizรฉ" (Fuck! I didn't notice that piece of shit on the street and I stepped on it.)
by chelovski November 16, 2008
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Proper definition is a Turd. People from El Salvador (smallest country in Central America) are known for using the word "cerote" freely amongst one another the way a black person would use the "n" word amongst his homies. It's a word that Salvadorians can use but when another race or nationality uses it towards Salvadorians, ur gettin' yo ass wooped. Cerote can also be used as a deregatory word for people from El Salvador because they use it alot; the same outcome would be if a non-black person would use the "n" word
Que hondas cerote, como estas vos?
Wassup homie, how you doing?
by Mark L. 44 September 09, 2005
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Widespread use in Guatemala. Commonly used as an insult. Also popular as an (albeit obscene) term of endearment, akin to "motherfucker".
Que tal, cerote! (What's up, motherfucker!)
by Saul P. October 09, 2003
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a XLarge piece of dark brown shit the kind that curls and takes up the whole bowl. A term used to insult a central american male of El Salvador. It's the equivalent, in insult, to call a salvadorian "cerote" as to say "Chinga to Madre" to a Mexican. Degrading term used to insult and anger a central american.
"Pinche Cerote."
"Ese guey es un Cerote"
"Ese salvatruchi es un pinche cerote"
by MariAntonia July 14, 2006
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It's a turd, just that.
In latinamerican countries it's used sometimes as a derogatory insult, sometimes just for fun.
Juan de la Costa is wrong, they call everyone cerote, not only mexicans.

Aztec warrior is wrong, nobody would try to get respect imitating Mexicans, funniest thing I ever heard.
by sebx April 11, 2009
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