me and the boys is a meme where it shows 4 villians from the original spider-man series in a group smiling.
me and the boys going to visit one of the boys in the hospital
by helping the simple minded June 25, 2019
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a phrase commonly used in memes, meaning 'me and my friends' or 'me and my homies'

gender neutral
no one:

me and the boys after beating the ender dragon:
by joannhaa May 16, 2020
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The boys are 4 or less of your friends who are real good friends you'll can talk to them if you have a problem the friends you talk to the most but sadly the road of life pushes you and ya boys away stopping you from doing the fun things together like you and the boys did so its best of you all try to cling on to each other to continue to stay friends
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the the boys are just doing the boy things
me and the boys going to rob a store
by spitfulbench October 21, 2019
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Caller: I'm calling about our new offer.. If you'll hear me out
Me: Ah , me me big boy
by nachoscuztheyretasty March 6, 2017
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