a combination of fluids from having anal sex and intercourse, reference to the color and texture of thick substance that forms after having both anal sex the direct penetration of the vagina after wards without washing first. taking its name from the truffles because of color of gooey thick substance created after penetrating both holes sexually and its texture of the gooey substance being something thick like that of butter .
she needed to wash her booty , it was swimming in truffle butter.
by lil ms attitude April 17, 2016
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1. A Gourmet butter containing truffles. Truffle butter is a delicacy.

2. In hip hop terms, Truffle butter is when you pull your dick out of the asshole an continue fucking her pussy, and the tan buttery substance around her pussy is truffle butter.
Definition 1-Topping a freshly seared, dry-aged steak with this exceptional truffle butter is a guaranteed way to impress any palate.

Definition 2- Poo mixed with cum is truffle butter
by ura bych March 14, 2015
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Something so disturbing, you don't even want to know what it means.
Jake: Dude, what's 'Truffle Butter' mean??
Eli: Bro, don't even ask.
by Birkner23 March 26, 2015
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Truffle Butter is a gourmet spread
Don't be an idiot. Truffle Butter is something you eat
by Rebel_1995 February 8, 2015
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When you pull your dick out of her asshole and put it in her vagina. The tan around the pussy is called truffle butter. ie poo mixed with cum is the truffle butter
by Hana the banana February 1, 2015
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A smooth, peanut butter-like cream often spread on toast or croissants.
Bob: Yo dude pick me up some truffle butter while you're out.
Clob: You got it my man ;)
Bob: Why did you wink
Clob: ;;;;;;;;;;))))))))))
by SuccleMyToes November 11, 2017
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Butter made with/from truffle mushrooms, as the name implies. Usually made with French black truffles.
For our dinner this weekend, I'm contributing Trout with Truffle Butter.

Preparation of the butter with truffle juice and mushrooms: take the 32 g of truffles TC, pour their juice into that of the mushrooms set aside above. Reduce the liquid slightly, then slowly add the 150 g of butter while stirring. Serve the trout with heated plates covered with this butter and truffle mixture.
by Carima905 May 1, 2015
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