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Someone who is:

1. Incredibly annoying. Not just regularly annoying, which suggests that it is still possible to survive being around this person for several minutes; but rather, annoying to such an extreme extent that it is impossible to be around this person for more than three seconds without committing a murder/suicide.

2. Ridiculous. Yet doesn't realize how very ridiculous they are, because they are too blinded by their own arrogance.

3. Amazingly conceited. To the point that they believe everyone loves them, when in fact, everyone is making smacking/slapping/punching/stabbing motions directed towards them when they aren't looking.

4. Phony. Someone who does nice things for the sole purpose of convincing people they are nice, when actually they are quite nasty. Also, someone who actually feels the need to describe themselves as being "nice."

5. Pompous. To the point that they believe everything they say is not only correct, but incredibly deep, unique, and thought-provoking - even if these thoughts have already occurred to thousands of others before.
"Listen to that girl go on and on about nothing. What a troed."

"That guy actually believes everyone cares what he has to say. He's such a troed."
by 853ABJ October 11, 2009
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A light skin male who honestly doesnt care about much and lives a chill lifestyle. This person hates drama and tries to avoid it
1- That dude cool asf.
2. Yeah, he a Troed
by x_TREAL March 05, 2018
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