that fucker that i can never find. damn you waldo!
Wheres waldo? ??????
by L. Camac February 2, 2005
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a. a man who's appeared in many books where he hides and you seek, usually for children.
b. a male name.
Do you know why Waldo's hiding?
Because one day he dared to hit on Chuck Norris' girlfriend.
by winter gryphon June 14, 2008
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describes the person at your work who is frequently absent, missing from where they are supposed to be, requiring people to search for them, as in "where's waldo."
Susan: I noticed that I've hardly seen Robert around the office at all... he seems to call in alot, and he only just started working here...
Debbie: Yeah, he's totally waldo.
by doc SM February 12, 2014
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a human chia pet! hair too wierd to believe...........vreally!
Is that really waldo or is that a green wig? I can't tell!
by wallymarshall September 7, 2003
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