Sad sleepy teen who does no work and plays video games all the time, is also socially awkward and annoying
OMFG that boy Tristan
by BlackBear6969 March 26, 2018
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a super simp who’s probably talking to 10 other girls, but will never get one. He WILL slide into ur dm’s so be aware.
So this tristan just dmed me and imma leave him on read
by dkjaldjalfd October 13, 2020
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The worst person in the world he has 1000 kids in his basements but thats pretty gay
That person is so Tristan
by leowankerman October 28, 2020
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Master dick rider, will do anything for his "friend". Doesn't get invited to stuff, no real friends. Some think he is retarded
Have you met Tristan?

Ya I think that guy wants my dick he's really uncomfortable
by Jfkdnfnfrn June 11, 2018
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A depressed person that had friends and no longer has friends. Makes suicide jokes even though he wants to commit it.
Kid: Have u met Tristan
Kid2: He’s a loner
by Getrektmydudelol January 30, 2018
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