The rare third nipple, as is ThiRd nIPPLE (TRIPPLE). Not just a mole, but an actual nipple
Bob: How'd it go with Amanda last night?

Dave: I got to second base, but her tripple ended the game.
by Abbabbitt September 12, 2009
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Funny quote from British tv show misfits when you ejaculate, throw up and shit all at the same time.
I was fucking her hard but then i trippled
by NickH979797979797 January 16, 2011
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When you vomit, shit and cum all at the same time.
Guy 1 : Dude, i was having sex last night and i totally started trippling everywhere.

Guy 2 : Dats nasty mate. I hate it when i tripple.
by Socialsuicidexx December 17, 2010
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referring to, or being of high quality. Often used in classifying meat, sports leagues, or drugs.
Man if he ain't got that tripple-a shizz i'ma call my otha nigga
by jay-oh March 09, 2005
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A coder who, while very good at coding, behaves in a very script kiddish manner; takes out sites and servers because they dare disagree with his idea of how things should be run. Tripple can be compared, in this manner, to imperialist and facist governments, like the US government, facist italy, nazi germany, and the former USSR, and also big business, like Microsoft (TM). See also "milamber."
"Oh great, here comes that c***sucker, tripple."

"tripple thinks he pwns the internet."
by auto April 24, 2005
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term for the extra nipple that some people are born with
Did you hear that insert friend's name here has a tripple?
by Lindsay Katai February 15, 2005
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To take over a thread with triple posts. One who makes multiple posts with out waiting for a reply.
"sorry for the tripple". "stopping posting u tripple"
by Ann Bile October 29, 2005
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