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Funny quote from British tv show misfits when you ejaculate, throw up and shit all at the same time.
I was fucking her hard but then i trippled
by NickH979797979797 January 16, 2011
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Deep, Dumpster, Diver
A vagrant/homeless person who dives into large garbage containers to find anything of value to his standards/needs.
Hey, check-out the Tripple-D's(pleural) fighting over the garbage!
Wow, looks like that Tripple-D is willing to fight to the death over those cans and plastic containers.
by Queenfcukalot October 15, 2007
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Tripple D is β€œ Dam Dat DICK”
When Sally Went in the bed wit Tyrone she said Tripple D Hell Yeah finally i’ll Get good sex
by That Captin Crunch Boi April 08, 2019
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