Tripp is a very crazy guy that cares about people’s feelings and wants to get to know you better, he also is a very lovable guy and all the girls are after but he has his eyes on one girl and that girl is you!
Tripp is so amazing
by Lolzytq April 23, 2019
The hottest, coolest guy you can think of... He usually has a big penis and only likes the hottest girls. He is smart and muscular too.
Oh my god... Tripp asked me out and I can't wait to test drive that 10 inch dick!
by Biggy0987 November 13, 2010
A very handsome, hot guy, that is very confident but not quite cocky. He has a big penis and likes only the best girls b/c those are the girls that like him. He usually has blonde hair and green eyes but sometimes he will have blue eyes. He is also muscular but not too overly muscular.... in other words he is very fit. He is just a great guy. He is a perfect guy.
hot girl#1: Oh my god, look it's Tripp
hotgirl #2: Holy shit, i want him so bad
hot girl #1: so do i....maybe we should try and have a threesome with him
hot girl #2: but he is dating haley whos only the hottest and best girl in the school
by chaz4011 April 5, 2011

Tripp is the dopest dude you'll ever meet
Acronym creds to Eddie

Referred to as Tripp by only the dopest.
Called TJ by the majority of people to intimidated to even speak his real name.
by T.R.I.P. September 5, 2018
A Tripp is a guy who is very nice and always has bogeys on him. They have long blond hair and big blue eyes. They can always make you laugh no matter what kind of mood you are in. Tripps are party people who like to get high. They are always wearing black and listen to scary music. They usually have amazing girlfriends who like to have fun and are very attractive.
McKenzie: Omg, Steph is soo dating a Tripp!!

Paige: I know! I wish i was her.
by McKenzie:) <3 Tripp April 12, 2009
verb: to trick a friend into sword in...smacking your dicks together.
by stevieb547547 November 4, 2010
Beast, the best, cool, hot guy, funny,
Tripp is so hot,❤
by Jaylr March 15, 2017