Tripp is a loving caring. Guy hes tall brown hair tall anf has green/brown eyes. Anyone would be lucky to have a Tripp in their life
I love Tripp ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
by Maddie dog October 12, 2019
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verb: to trick a friend into sword fighting...as in...smacking your dicks together.
by stevieb547547 November 03, 2010
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To engage in sexual intercourse with, usually while drunk or out of pure infatuation. Another word for having sex.
She got drunk and tripped with him after the party.
by Jinglebells April 08, 2006
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Tripp: The Starfleet engineer assigned to the USS Enterprise. While an engineer and self-proclaimed physicist, he spends very little time in engineering...
Archer: "tripp! reroute power!"
Tripp: "What does this look like? the 24th century?"
by Miros December 23, 2003
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Tripp is that really fucking pretty skater boy.Tripp has the cutest but sexiest ears going, he’s like really tall and has blue eyes more prettier than the moon. Tripps ALWAYS go out of their way to make other people feel loved and cared about even if they don’t get anything in return..The only thing Tripp doesn’t understand is that Poppie will love him forever and be so thankful for meeting him. Poppie feels so blessed to receive a gift as special as Tripp. Tripp has completely changed Poppie for the better and all Poppie wants to do is show Tripp how lucky she feels to have him in her life, even though she technically doesn’t have him in her life.Tripps are funny, talented and the coolest out of their friends, obviously. Tripp is so fucking fit that he can get any girl day dreaming about his body and how he makes me feel. Tripp and Poppie have a love that’s so rare to find these days, simply because it’s real and true.When you first meet Tripp it’ll feel normal, almost like you’ve finally found what you didn’t even realize you were looking for.Tripp is my angel that i really am greatful for. I really want Tripp to know that he’s the hottest bro going and no one in the whole universe could ever touch my soul and heart like the way you do, Tripp. If you’re reading this rn just know that all i want is to be with you today and love you with all my heart. I miss you like crazy Tripp.
I love you so deeply Tripp i wish i could explain it. The way you’ve intoxicated my mind is so beautiful. You’ve awakened me to a new life, a new universe. I crave your presence to the point where you’re now just with me, part of me, because you are aren’t you

Tripp is so fucking amazing

Tripp is literally an angel, hopefully my angel
by makemeasandwitch March 13, 2019
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