tripp is a literal crackhead. he’s the funniest, sweetest guy you’ll ever meet but he snorts crack when he thinks no one is looking. watch out⚠️⚠️⚠️
get tripp to come!!
by cutegirlwholikestosing October 30, 2019
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A little kid who tries to be a black man, even though he's a white lil prick. He goes on the prowl between 12am and 7pm, but the rest of the time he hangs out with his mom and sends girls pics of his sad excuse for a dick. Tripp has abs, but his shitty personality makes the pussy dryer than the Sahara desert.
Johnny: I heard that Tripp hooked up with another girl today
William: *sigh* I'm not surprised
by Dongmom January 14, 2017
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The worlds fugliest pants ever, Extremely baggy and covered in chains and straps. Usually worn by people with fake depression in the 'emo' stage. They most likely own a 'Myspace' account.
Woah, look at that dude. What the hell is he wearing??
That, my friend, is called 'tripps'
via giphy
by LOODLE PIE December 17, 2017
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That guy who always thinks of himself before anybody else. He thinks everything moves around his schedule and gets mad when it doesn’t go his way. Tripp is also that guy who uses valuable objects that are his and uses it to bribe his friends if they want to use that object.
Ay Tripp, can I hit your juul. Yeah, if you come rub my back.
by Snnsbehesujs December 22, 2017
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