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Also known as AAA.

Stands for Anal Assualt Assassins. This team of world class assassins was started in 2006 by a group of guys who devote their lives to the pillaging of unsuspecting female butts. They embrace and incourage that which is considered tabboo by most cultures; the art of buttseks. They now have a clothing line that helps raise funds to support this cause, and also donate some of these funds to support single moms "putting themselves through law school."

The leader of this clan goes by the code name MAGNUS. Rumors have spread that he has terrorized over 1,000 buttholes. He lives in the shadows of clubs and seduces his prey with superior dance moves.

Wherabouts are unknown.....
"OMG, one of those guys from Triple A totally butt raped me last night. After they were done they took me to Six Flags for some weird reason."
by eRoc-of-AAA December 22, 2008
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very good canadian weed but under dank. If it is hydro b.c. weed then it can acheieve dankness, but never chronic.
I got ten of them triple a's for 27 a piece.
by anonymous January 09, 2003
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A penis so small that when it's erect it's the size of a AAA battery.
It's not the Triple A size that counts, but how you use it.
by bagitbabe May 15, 2008
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Reffering too the 3 main prep stores.
(A)bercrombie and Fitch
(A)American Eagle

also see AAA
i love triple a stores!
by Chris West September 12, 2004
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A sex act involving Amaretto, Ambien, and Anal. Not for beginners.
Hey, wanna triple A later?
No thanks, you know I don't like Amaretto.
by MTSSfan February 07, 2013
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the group of three lovely young ladies named; ashley, ashley, and alissa
my only three friends is the triple A
by Marcus Bortman February 01, 2005
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