5 definitions by dorky seaweed heheheyuehe

AAA, u know math or what?
Person #1: does Johnny know any math?

Person #2: lemme check, johnny what is a triple A?

Johnny: uhh

Person #2: nope he doesn’t

Person #1: aaa
by dorky seaweed heheheyuehe September 21, 2021
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There are different definitions to aaa:

1. You got bored and searched aaa to see what you are going to get

2. The batteries on that one vine

3. What you tell your hairdresser after they cut ur hair

4. Someone’s reaction to something nice
someone: ,,I like ya cut G
someone else: ,,aaa”
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congrats, you finished searching up every letter on ur keyboard because of ur boredom! :)
,,someboi: are you ok?”
,,someothaboi: z.”
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