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cumming, puking and shitting at the same time. popularised by the character nathan on misfits.
guy#1: dude, i picked up this chick from the bar last night, it ended terribly
guy#2: what happened?
guy#1: i tripled her
guy#2: i've been there, tripling's the worst
by dt546 December 16, 2010
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When your shagging someone and u cum, puke and shit yourself, at the same time
Watch Misfits, Series 2, Episode 6

-Nathan Mentions Tripling Himself
by hedgehogcake December 17, 2010
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Ordering triple at the drive-thru because you are drunk and burgin. Or just stupid.

Also spelt triplin'
Why: Are you guys burgin?
Berry: *slurring* McChicken with 3 times meat! I'm fuckin' tripling, bitch!
by Stev0 February 20, 2008
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