43 definitions by bagitbabe

21st century life after 9/11 comprised of daily consumption of prescription pharmeceuticals in order to make life worth living.
Compared to the life I was living, pharmliving is the life for me.
by bagitbabe August 26, 2008
a person who is addicted to ludes (methaqualone)
Girl, she is a major ludite!
by bagitbabe July 29, 2008
An African-American term for the child who stands next to his/her mama's knee, while mama holds the armbaby.
"Se done died when se was a kneebaby. A high wind come and took her breaf away."
by bagitbabe May 16, 2008
A word used by women of a certain age who are dried up sexually that means an event and not a sexual liaison.
"I'm having an affair."
"Oh, are you having it catered?"
by bagitbabe May 15, 2008
A penis so small that when it's erect it's the size of a AAA battery.
It's not the Triple A size that counts, but how you use it.
by bagitbabe May 16, 2008
Whining phrases from a guy who's been rejected for good reason.
All he said were fullerisms about her.
by bagitbabe May 4, 2008