43 definitions by bagitbabe

The time at which a golfer guy must get up to make his early teetime, thus not allowing anyone to have any fun after 8:00 p.m.
"Come on, Lisa. I've got an early teetime."
by bagitbabe August 16, 2008
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A penis so small that when it's erect it's the size of a AAA battery.
It's not the Triple A size that counts, but how you use it.
by bagitbabe May 15, 2008
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Someone who tells you a story involving people you've never met and fails to introduce the characters in the story.
"...And Tony said that Mary said..." Wait who the hell are Tony and Mary? You're a story slacker.
by bagitbabe August 16, 2008
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A psychiatrist whose patient isn't yet communicative and he must do all the talking himself.
I'm still seeing the talking head although I don't say much. He does all the talking, then gives me the meds, which was why I was there to begin with.
by bagitbabe August 16, 2008
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To lounge around the dorm like a lizard, being lazy, not going to class, watching tv, listening to music, talking to your boyfriend, staying out all night. Generally screwing up your college career.
She is such a lounge lizard. She never goes to class. She'll flunk out next semester and end up in some two-year business school.
by bagitbabe August 18, 2008
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Hair that has not been combed or otherwise styled in any way and looks like hair that hasn't been washed in a month.
That guy really has some kinda negga mess!
by bagitbabe August 23, 2008
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An abbreviation from the movie "The Big Lebowski" meaning Nothing Is F__ked Dude (NIFD).
by bagitbabe August 23, 2008
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