Shit, shower, and shave...the 3 things you gotta do before goin' out or hittin' the scene.
It's 7 right now...I'll meet y'all at 8. Right now it's triple S time.
by Nick D February 9, 2003
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When one needs to Shit, Shower, and Shave in any order.
Custom: I'm using the bathroom.
Nifty: Going to be long?
Custom: I'm taking a Triple S.
Nifty: You better let me go first...
Custom: Ok I'll wait.
by NiftyCustom March 8, 2010
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Shit Shave And A Shower
Shit Shave Shower
' I Need A Triple S When I get Home'
This Implys That One Must Have A Shit A Shave And A Shower. But Not At Once.
by Liam Turpin November 23, 2003
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Sullivan Stupidity Syndrome or S.S.S. or Triple S for short is a disease in which the person affected is so stupid that whenever he or she talks anyone standing close enough to hear becomes significantly dumber. The word originated at a Saint Thomas Aquinas high school lunch in February 2019.

So far there has been only one known case of the disease and it pertains to Sean Sullivan himself.
Bro do you have Triple S, because just before I started my test I heard you talk and I just forgot everything?
by 24boss February 27, 2019
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When you have a shit followed by a shave and then a shower hence the triple S.
Dave: 'i really need a shower so i might as well have a triple s'
by Scottmeister88 March 29, 2017
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"Shit, Shower and Sleep". Often used after a big night on the drink. A hangover cure. Can be said in any order but shit is usually the first step in the process followed by shower and finally sleep. shit shower sleep hangover
"Man last night was hectic, im so fucked, i gotta get home for a Triple S"
by peersy October 13, 2007
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