It is the ultimate dare. It's for when a person rejects a regular dare, AND a double dog dare. It is a dare that you HAVE to do under any circumstances. If you don't do it you look like a weakling or a chicken.
I triple dog dared her to run around the house completely naked. She chickened out and to this day we don't let her live it down.
by DemonVampire180 October 18, 2010
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A way to get stupid people to do what ever you want.
Me: "I want you to go clean out my toilet after that massive shit I just took."
person: "No, I'm not doing that."
Me: "I triple dog dare you."
person: "Deal!"
by Dubiks December 7, 2018
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Note: The infamous Triple-dog-dare is infamous for the sole reason that you cannot back down from it--without exception! An issued triple-dog-dare has no counteraction and must be implemented and/or carried out.
by Rachael the Great September 30, 2004
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The superlative dare; Can only be used to counter a double-dare.
Rodney: I dare you to watch C-Span for two consecutive hours!

Basil: Well, I double-dare you to watch C-Span for two consecutive hours!

Rodney: Well, I triple-dog-dare you to watch C-Span for two consecutive hours!
by Rodney Basil November 3, 2003
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The triple dog lick, sexual technique is one that is unmatched in power and emotion. This secret technique, once learned the meaning, it cannot be told or taught to anyone except once a month(The 11th of the month, preferably.) you could only teach it to one person a month as well.
This the the craziest sex move that exists today, and possibly for all time. The effort it takes to learn how to do this sexual experience is practically impossible, and extreme. People who learn what it means and how to do it must honor the code of the triple dog lick, and not spread it
Yo did you triple dog lick last night??
Are you kidding me! that could kill a man! dangerous stuff bro!
by Kingshlong1 March 17, 2009
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