2 definitions by Tisha Parks

Tringlish is simply trini english. People say that Trinidadians speak dialect but it's a whole different language that you have to learn like any other.
Jack : Eh ged if yuh see meh dey eh watch nah yuh go bawl fuh mercy i swear!!
Jill : What? I'm lost!
John : Don't pay him no mind, he's just speaking tringlish


Mrs.Richards : Please speak proper English
James : Sorry I does only speak Tringlish
by Tisha Parks October 6, 2009
-People who are native to the country Trinidad which is located in the Caribbean.

-Immigrants who become citizens of the country
Jamie: Is It true you really from Trinidad?

Jonas: Yeah, I'm a Trinidadian
by Tisha Parks October 6, 2009