A military term used to convey acknowlegement and/or understanding.
Squad Leader: Alpha team, Recon the hill in grid TD234437, Tracking?

Alpha Team Leader: What is a grid?

Squad Leader: You are tracking like a broken VCR!
by leadthrower August 28, 2006
GIJane: I didn't get the idea before, but I'm tracking now.
by Roshlyn June 15, 2006
Street terminology for supervisory oversight of female prostitutes in a geographic area at a given time.
That Macktaculur Chi-Town G Deluxe be tracking them hoes out here every mohfugghin' night.
by Chi Town Po Po July 17, 2006
When one side of a marijuana Joint's paper burns faster then the cherrie.

Can also be called run or running
Shit man, fix the jay its tracking.
by Hymen July 9, 2006
v. - the act of contributing work as a session musician on an artist's track(s) in the studio; a common reference among session musicians.
I have a lot of music to work on tonight because tommorow morning I'll be tracking piano and organ for a client.
by PhunkyBoy88 September 3, 2009
To express progress being made on some unit of work
- How are you tracking on your deliverable?
- Bad, I'll need to pushback on the ETA
by ppominville August 27, 2003
"what's tracking" - Means 'how are you'/'what's going on'.
Wrong way to say 'what's crackin'.
Don't say this unless you know it's gangsta rap origin's.
"Yeah, uh.....what's trackin'?"
"What's trackin'? Nigga its 'what's crackin' muh-fucka."
by Diego July 17, 2003