1 definition by Trini to d bone

Some of the best people from the Caribbean. They live in a Cosmopolitan country due to the variety of races (Indian, African, Spanish, Chinese etc) and they could cook, lime and wine ! If you looking for a party, A Trini is the person to lime (hang out) with. Persons who aren't from Trinidad and Tobago will say they have an accent because it's different to what they speak but Trinidadians speak standard English (Britain).

Things a Trinidadian say : " Trini to de Bone" , " no matter what I love my curry and pelau" love you my Trinis ! ❤️ *Trinidadians are born in Trinidad and Tobagonians are born in Tobago
Whether African or Indian, I am a Trinidadian
by Trini to d bone September 5, 2015