A term to that Tumblrinas, Feminists and Social Justice Warriors use to explain how offensive something is. Most commonly used in situations where they see something where a Cisgender}, Heterosexual, White male exists.
White Male: *Exists*
imsofuckingtriggered on Tumblr: "You oppressive scum! Check your privilege! Your existence is triggering to women, LGBT and P.o.C! Kill yourself!"
by Hairy Pecker December 01, 2016
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The sexual action used when in the 69 position with a male. To do this action you must grab the males shaft and with your index finger cup the testicles and make the motion of pulling the trigger of a gun rapidly. This will give the male great satisfaction.
i gave Samuel a good Triggering last night.
by DeBomBomB ZOMB March 21, 2017
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