Triple Best Friends or Biffles. Best Friends for Life in threes. Three friends that are unseperable. Three friends that have special commonolatities with each of the other two friends making it impossible to just have one best friend.
Amanda, Bridget and Jessica are Triffles for Life.
by Google Ask March 25, 2010
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To be sneaky, conniving, devious, sketchy and sly.

Also known as: Chris Maursky and Al Adams.
"If a girl said she's going to bed but then she's really going out, that is being a TRIFFLE."
by Triffles September 23, 2008
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A Hoe, Whore, Woman that plays guys
This chick slept with my homeboy, cousin, and brother. She be a triffling hoe
by derick12 November 8, 2010
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an action word for doing somthing wrong or dishonest.
"you just triffled in my drink!"

"no, I triffled in the ashtray!"
by katesquared April 28, 2008
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an afghan delicassy containing turd sprinklings from a recent pebble dashing session
Shit I've burnt the skid triffle
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A Bif Dif Triffle is similar to a Neeg Nogg in that it is used to describe something incredibly cute. However, it isn't limited to dogs
Oh wow what a cute Bif Dif Triffle you have! Can I pet it?
by cutt1efish December 29, 2021
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