A name for the wonderboy of football. He pulls out the tricks all the time, best footballer there is. He is from Brazil and grew up on the streets of Rio, now he loves in England and will be going on tour next year showing off his skills. Can also be called trickster. He plays for Brazil and for the thirds. Rejected by Azzurri
Ah tricky mate, you have the skills

Tricky won the Longmead match single handedly for the bulldogs
by Josh Windels September 26, 2006
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tricky- when somethin is cool, fresh, or downright funny!

Dude, that party last night was mad tricky.
by izzzzzy and avvvvaaaa February 17, 2009
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a hawt mofo who is the father of many children, yes he is ranga but he is smokennnnnnnn
damn tricky lookin thiccy today
by Nave is Alive November 13, 2019
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Toby- "oi son, you getting tricky???"
Reece- "nah, im just pissed off"
by TheDenchSausage February 10, 2014
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