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Originally created by Tyler Trotter ( a known shitposter on the application Facebook ) all purpose of this word is unknown but can be applied to many different situations.
by Shitpostee April 14, 2020
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Someone who makes you fall for him and then suddenly drops you cause he is a player!
To be avoided, dont fall for their sweet words!
A text a Trev may send you:

Love you soo much reli bby girl :D <3 xxxxxxxx
by SexyGeek2 June 29, 2011
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English slang for someone who wears all sports cloths (adidas, nike, rebok) and hangs around in a 'crew'. Very volitile and usually stupid. Avoid at all costs.
Also known as: skunners, townies and urboss shoscombs
"I was walking down the street yesterday and i was attacked by a crew of trevs"
by OzNoS May 04, 2003
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An affectionate abbreviation for Trevelyan College, a college of Durham University, England.
Person 1:"Shall we go to Trevs?"
Person 2:"Yes, lets!"
by Gary the invincible April 03, 2008
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A middle aged bald man (and/or balding) of soild build, who's main attire consists of cargo-shorts, ankle or mid calf white socks with white runners, sunglasses, and a variety of Holden/ford collard polo shirts. Can also been seen in a hat.
"Mummy mummy! Why has that man been filming the ocean for the last 20 minutes?"

"Pay not attention to him love, he's just a humble Trev. Trev's are not to be feared."
by Bigstick_69__ August 29, 2016
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Verb In rocket league, to completely whiff a wide open shot/save/clear or literally anything to do with making contact with the ball.

Noun One that makes questionable decisions and has a tendency to knee-jerk.
Did you see our teammate? He totally trevved and cost us the game in overtime!

Person1: John came over last night and spilled beer while simultaneously knocking over the nachos!

Person2: What a trev!
via giphy
by YDoIt August 28, 2019
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A greeting, usually used in a place of work to acknowledge a colleagues presence.
*Paul enters the diesel workshop

Paul: Trev

Joe: Trev
by joeistheking March 17, 2013
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