Originally created by Tyler Trotter ( a known shitposter on the application Facebook ) all purpose of this word is unknown but can be applied to many different situations.
by Shitpostee April 14, 2020
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Verb In rocket league, to completely whiff a wide open shot/save/clear or literally anything to do with making contact with the ball.

Noun One that makes questionable decisions and has a tendency to knee-jerk.
Did you see our teammate? He totally trevved and cost us the game in overtime!

Person1: John came over last night and spilled beer while simultaneously knocking over the nachos!

Person2: What a trev!
by YDoIt August 28, 2019
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Someone who makes you fall for him and then suddenly drops you cause he is a player!
To be avoided, dont fall for their sweet words!
A text a Trev may send you:

Love you soo much reli bby girl :D <3 xxxxxxxx
by SexyGeek2 June 29, 2011
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A middle aged bald man (and/or balding) of soild build, who's main attire consists of cargo-shorts, ankle or mid calf white socks with white runners, sunglasses, and a variety of Holden/ford collard polo shirts. Can also been seen in a hat.
"Mummy mummy! Why has that man been filming the ocean for the last 20 minutes?"

"Pay not attention to him love, he's just a humble Trev. Trev's are not to be feared."
by Bigstick_69__ August 29, 2016
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A greeting, usually used in a place of work to acknowledge a colleagues presence.
*Paul enters the diesel workshop

Paul: Trev

Joe: Trev
by joeistheking March 17, 2013
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Cute. But in the way that indie kids say cute to describe things that aren't at all cute, making the word cute completely pointless in the sentence. Trev replaces cute being the pointless word that is not used correctly.
"wow, those trousers can be unzipped to become shorts"
"that's trev"
by Combino May 28, 2012
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adj./n. a boss, bossy, in-charge, incredible, work-doer
Did you see Melanie? She looked like a total Trev managing the snack counter.
by joevballer February 10, 2010
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