A follower. A sheep. A tool unable to think for himself, looking for others to guide him. Wants to conform so badly it hurts. A leech of a human being sucking on the teat of Corporate America to get at the rancid milk known as popular culture. A social leper. A fool.

See Also: Goth, Prep, Punk, Emo Kid, Hipster, Sk8ter, Vally Girl, Wigger, Gangsta, Metrosexual, and Townie
Trendwhores are the AIDS of creativity.
by Ninja Disaster August 17, 2004
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Someone, (Usualy a teenager) who has virtualy no opinion and who's sence of fashion is whatever is popular. They usualy hate school and constantly swear at you instead of being witty with their insults.

Sometimes, they will do bad on exams/tests on purpose so they will have "Easier questions" in the bottom group/idiot group.

There sence of fashion (Currently) includes, but is not limited to:

Giant glasses/spectacles, (Despite not needing them)
More than 2 bracelets,
Carrying their mobile phones with them every living second,
Take everything as a joke,
Picking on the weak, and those who aren't Trendwhores,
Makeup (Applies to female Trendwhores.),
Listening to the same song all the time.
Guy 1: "So do you want to play Yu-Gi-Oh?"
Guy 2: "Sure."
Trendwhore: "Yugioh? You two are like, fucking gay and sad."
Guy 1: "I'm surprised you have time to talk to us, with your job and everything."
Trendwhore: "Job?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, your job as a whore, Yunno with all that makeup, Failed exams, and earings."
Trendwhore: "Urr... well you to are still gay."
*Trendwhore leaves.*
Guy 1: "A little harsh, don't you think?"
Guy 2: "But we got rid of that Trendwhore, we can get on with our lives in peace."
by cornflakesFTW December 24, 2012
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One who does not set trends, however follows a trend until they have strangeled every last drop of originality out of it. This is especially true in the current graphics design scene. A trendwhore can be characterized as anybody that wears the livestrong bracelets, or is friends with anybody that wears the livestrong bracelets. Usually they lack the mental capacity of knowing they are a trendwhore, therefore are hopeless and inevitably doomed.
Damn, that Jeffery is a trendwhore, he even follows trends Savy sets!!
by Eric April 25, 2005
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Some Idiot, that follows every thing they see on MTV and BET. Those people that walk around, sporting paris hilton gear, and or the latest American Eagle shit.

Every non-trendwhore should join together, go to malls and mumble under their breath about the trendwhores and rudely stare at them.
by Meganekko May 10, 2006
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A person who falls for every single musical and fashion trend that corporate executives shit out. See also: Avril Fan, Hipster, Modern Punk, Mallcore
You listen to Switchfoot? Haha, you're such a stupid trendwhore.
by Ollie Oxenfree May 30, 2004
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One who goes by the motto : "I want to be a non-conformist just like all of my friends."
Louie : Doug is a Slipknot-worshipping trendwhore. Why can't he be a non-conformist like me and listen to Eminem?

Doug : Louie is an Eminem-worshipping trendwhore. Why can't he be a non-conformist like me and listen to Slipknot?
by Lunarsight August 11, 2004
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1. one who does not set trends, but only follows them and bleeds all originality out of them.

this is especialyl true in the graphic design scene.
by cal June 25, 2003
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