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Someone, (Usualy a teenager) who has virtualy no opinion and who's sence of fashion is whatever is popular. They usualy hate school and constantly swear at you instead of being witty with their insults.

Sometimes, they will do bad on exams/tests on purpose so they will have "Easier questions" in the bottom group/idiot group.

There sence of fashion (Currently) includes, but is not limited to:

Giant glasses/spectacles, (Despite not needing them)
More than 2 bracelets,
Carrying their mobile phones with them every living second,
Take everything as a joke,
Picking on the weak, and those who aren't Trendwhores,
Makeup (Applies to female Trendwhores.),
Listening to the same song all the time.
Guy 1: "So do you want to play Yu-Gi-Oh?"
Guy 2: "Sure."
Trendwhore: "Yugioh? You two are like, fucking gay and sad."
Guy 1: "I'm surprised you have time to talk to us, with your job and everything."
Trendwhore: "Job?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, your job as a whore, Yunno with all that makeup, Failed exams, and earings."
Trendwhore: "Urr... well you to are still gay."
*Trendwhore leaves.*
Guy 1: "A little harsh, don't you think?"
Guy 2: "But we got rid of that Trendwhore, we can get on with our lives in peace."
by cornflakesFTW December 24, 2012
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