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A subgenre of metal incorporating elements from progressive rock. The earliest bands to fuse these two genres together were Dream Theater, Watchtower, Psychotic Waltz, and Fates Warning. (Although some argue King Crimson were ahead of their time doing this with 21st Century Schizoid Man.)

Keyboards/synths, and other instruments not seen as often in the metal genre are more commonly used in progressive metal.

It's common for progressive metal acts to have very long song lengths with plenty of complex instrumental sections which give the musicians a lot of room to show off. Odd-time signatures are also are commonly implemented.

Progressive metal lyrics tend to be very cerebral, with elements of fantasy, psychology, and science fiction thrown into the mix. (The sort of lyrics you'd expect from Stephen Hawking or Sigmund Freud if they ever formed a heavy metal band.)
Dream Theater, Psychotic Waltz, Fates Warning, Watchtower, Galactic Cowboys, Kings X, Spiral Architect, Symphony X, Andromeda, Shadow Gallery, Ayreon, Green Carnation, Winds, Liquid Tension Experiment, Superior, The Gathering circa-Mandylion
by Lunarsight August 12, 2004

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To annoy others with your presence. An activity often carried out by 'playaz'. See playa.
Here we be, in Antarctica, representin' to all the penguins. Why, yes! Word, up homey EVEN!
by Lunarsight August 11, 2004

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A jackass that drives through residential areas at three in the morning with the subwoofers on his car stereo at maximum volume.

See also inbreeding.
I was enjoying a restful slumber, when this basshole came driving by, causing everything in my apartment to rattle, almost as if hit by some localized earthquake phenomenon.
by Lunarsight August 13, 2004

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A maneuver used in professional wrestling. The executor sets it up by placing his opponent in a standing fireman's carry. He then proceeds to drop the user sideways so that his head crashes into the canvas. (Although taller wrestlers performing the maneuver often will flip the person over completely.)

The move was popularized in the US in the mid-90s by Louie Spicolli in ECW, although it likely was already being used in Japan.
"It almost looked like the Brooklyn Brawler had the match won, but Tommy Dreamer hit him with the Death Valley Driver, knocking him out cold."
by Lunarsight September 11, 2004

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One who goes by the motto : "I want to be a non-conformist just like all of my friends."
Louie : Doug is a Slipknot-worshipping trendwhore. Why can't he be a non-conformist like me and listen to Eminem?

Doug : Louie is an Eminem-worshipping trendwhore. Why can't he be a non-conformist like me and listen to Slipknot?
by Lunarsight August 11, 2004

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