As applies to Surfing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, and all board sports:
1. The quality of being able to board, skate or surf with either Goofy Foot (Right foot leading) or Left foot leading.
2. An individual who posseses the aforementioned quality.
1. Joe regularly surfed switchfoot.
2. Joe was a switchfoot surfer.
by notawannabee September 9, 2005
a band that saved me from totally disbelieving in music.
If it weren't for Switchfoot's music, I would be posting negative stuff about other bands by now.
by niji September 27, 2004
an uber band in which dares you to move.
by FRO December 16, 2004
Amazing Chrisitan band that is very good, and sing about meaningful topics and provokes thought.

A band that many people dislike because they cannot face the fact that Christian music is getting bigger.

Anyone who dislikes them is someone who can't face the truth.
A - "i dislike Switchfoot"
B - "you want the truth? you can't handle the truth!"
by afcpires7 January 5, 2006
(1)a sexual act in which one gay teenage male jacks off another gay teengage male until they ejaculate all over each other's balls while listening to the annoying, talentless band Switchfoot
(2) an annoying, talentless band
(1) I was flirting with Mike one moment, talking about our favorite band, Switchfoot, and the next moment I was in Mike's room performing Switchfoot on him.
(2) Yeah, lets go see the band Switchfoot in concert and die!
by Mr. Miyagi April 26, 2005
1. when a surfer changes footing on a board to get a new perspective

2. an awesome band
by Sarah November 2, 2003