Anyone that has ever video taped more then 10 episodes of Star Trek for viewing at a later time or belongs to a Star Trek internet message board (STARTREKFANS.NET for example).
You know you are a Trekkie when you tape more then 10 episodes and post messages on (or are a moderator) STARTREKFANS.NET
by Anonymous August 15, 2003
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The average trekkie is an individual who devotes there time to watching star trek, and little else. This is oftn considered sad and a real let down for the ladies.
'Craig u fuckin trekkie, get your head out of spok's ass and get a girl friend'.
by Nicky Pilkington February 24, 2006
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A star trek fan that lives at home with it's parents and practises sex by itself fantasing about female characters on the show
by Scorp September 22, 2003
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A trekkie is a super nerd whose definition of a life is watching star trek all day and collecting star trek memorabilia. Lost their 'virginity' to a well-lubed sunglasses case lined with crab meat and plastic wrapping foil stuck between the bed and the mattress, with a facial photo of their favorite female character stuck to the pillow. Either that or their hand. First time they saw a chick's box was in a Penthouse magazine.
The documentary 'Trekkies' has countless examples of what makes a trekkie.
by johnnylongprong March 07, 2009
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n. an over-eager, hyper-fanatical person; a zealot

v. to go crazy about something

Etymology: from Star Trek, a sci-fi TV show, whose fans are infamous for dressing in costumes inspired by the tv series
Person 1: How come you don't know when Edgar Allan Poe died?

Person 2: Sorry, but I'm no trekkie on Allan Poe.
by Thyme March 26, 2005
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