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One who likes to watch Star Trek episodes and movies.
'Trekies' are usually initially hooked on to the Star Trek phenomenon by the intellectually stimulating issues covered in the different episodes.
by Tate Donovan May 24, 2004

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group of elite individuals who dunk their asses into the water of your toilet bowl.
Little did she know, I was a former member of the Justice League of America's Ass-Dunkers JLAA-D!
by tate donovan November 10, 2004

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Father of Nate and Klown Klownwinski, heirs apparent to the Klownmunist kingdom and revolution. Also a former basketball coach famous for his losing strategy of having his sons shoot three-pointers. Best friend and confidante of Jack Moss, another Klown
Dick Klownwinski is a clownundrum
by tate donovan July 10, 2004

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goddamn clowns starting a revolution. Punch yourself in the face!
Nate Klownwinski is Chief Clownundrum Officer and Klown Klownwinski is Secretary of the Stoptrain Boyz in the Klownmunist Party of Amerika.
by tate donovan July 10, 2004

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1. Nate Klownwinski
2. Klown Klownwinski
3. Dick Klownwinski
4. A member of the Klownmunist Party
5. Ohio's best, Cleveland!
6. Nate
I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Klownmunist party
by tate donovan July 11, 2004

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1. A party hosted by Klownmunists
2. A party in a stopped train
3. A bunch of goddamn klowns about to take over the world and institute a democtatorship
"The good people sleep well at night as long as they're not at sleepaway camp, in which case they will be "sent home". Stopped trains will be reserved for living clownundrums, but if there's a shortage of terror, basement dorm rooms will have to do."

~Klownmunist party manifesto
by tate donovan July 11, 2004

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Green/Black ZX6-R Kawasaki Ninja in which O-Dogg cruises.
Daaaaaang!... Have you seen O's Green Booster lately?
by Tate Donovan May 18, 2004

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