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Ku Klux Klan (intentially misspelled)

A group of racist people who believe in white supremecy, they are most famous for the beatings and killings of black people in the south. Today however the KKK is a small group (the FBI believes there are only about 10,000-15,000 members) There are many factions claiming to be the real KKK altough no one faction has very many members. they are often the target of investigation by the US Government. One of the most notable incidents of KKK involvement was the slaying of three election workers who were trying too help black people vote in Mississippi, this is chronicled in the movie Mississippi Burning.
the KKK is a rogue organization.
by MSmith1988 January 10, 2006

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North American Man Boy Love Association.

A group of "Men" who like young boys, essentially pedophiles. They are perverts with very sick minds and are often under investigation by both the US and Canadian Government.
NAMBLA can kiss my white ass
by MSmith1988 January 06, 2006

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A fan of Star Trek, aka Trekker, Alhough Gene Roddenberry once mentioned that the only word he acknowledged was Trekkie. Trekkies are commonly known for their unique behavior often memorizing everything there is to know about Star Trek, going too conventions, having every Star Trek episode on VHS or DVD. Mainstream Media often pokes fun at them for being geeks, nerds, or just freaks.

The Term Trekkie can be seen in the novel "the great trek" by E.A. Walker, of course at this point it had no relation whatsoever to Star Trek.
More than 30 years ago, A Science Fiction editor by the name of Art Saha applied the word Trekkies to Star Trek fans when he saw a group of Star Trek fans wearing pointed ears at a Science Fiction convention.
The Trekkie walked into the Convention
by MSmith1988 January 05, 2006

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People who Society deems is strange due to there love of Computers, Science Fiction, and or Fantasy.(like the lord of the rings movies) People who were dubbed geeks often get jobs working with computers or technology in general.
Geeks are closely related too nerds
by MSmith1988 January 10, 2006

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