A lower form of nerd, that even the standard nerds laugh at, insult and beat up.
A group of nerds come out of a Star Trek Convention, and see a short, skinny geek with coke-bottle glasses and hip-waders sitting on the sidewalk, caressing his autographed William Shatner poster.

"Whoa guys, check out the nerdling!"
by Vinman November 23, 2006
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a nerd like creature with four eyes... spooky!! dont cross them in a dark alley or they will eat you and steal all your books and calculators!!!
Person One: "i want to eat you and steal your calculators!!!"
Person Two: "That makes you a nerdling you nerdling!! Please dont eat me!!!"
by watnow August 14, 2006
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from the origin zergling, hailing from the Starcraft Series of games. This is a name for a nerdy starcraft player
Dude, why are you such a nerdling?
by strivEEE September 26, 2010
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