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1. A wondrous compendium of the delectable buck-naked delights associated with the female anatomy in a high school.

2. Your local dirty hoes pictures collected in one place.

3. One of the seven wonders of the world; it can make a man break down and cry.
1. OHHHHH MYYYYY GOD!!!!!! He just added me to the treasure trove!!!!!

2. I was so astonished at the sight of the CPHS treasure trove that I didn't stand up for two days on the account i didn't want to be embarrassed.

3. Collect that bitch for our treasure trove.

4. I'm gonna treasure you in my trove. Just Kidding.... I'm gonna send that to everyone.
by Fisty McBeef Bush March 03, 2011
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by Plenty of Fish November 10, 2020
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Its an enormouse industrial sized toilet clogging 1 piece fecile log, clogging treasure trove.
I left it there for a lucky person to find, I believe that janitor found a sizable treasure trove and flushed my trophy.
by stevos skater balls December 12, 2006
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