Female ejaculate - the liquid that emanates from a woman's glory hole.
Man: "I was licking my wife out and I got a mouth full of devil's treacle - what a treat!"

Woman: "You're so spontaneous sometimes honey."
by Fast Parrot January 21, 2005
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when one or more females take part in the act of playing the game twister naked, while 4 or more males violently masturbate over one anothers mobile phones
i cant wait to go treacle-blowing tonight with bill and phil
by stevied23 January 22, 2009
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when you eat so much treacle, or honey that your turd turns stringy.
oh dude i just had a shit, it was like tring coming out my ass, talk about painful and gross". "Ahh dude, sounds like a treacle turd
by DinoRawwr February 19, 2011
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A small and often strange creature, the treacle scone is found lurking mostly in the city of Glasgow. A strong part of a treacle scone's existence is smoking cannabis and chillaxin with the reefa man dem.
Treacle scone? More like laura fucking meiklejohn.
by Sir Sconesalot March 31, 2008
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Describing the thickness of the air after someone stepped on a duck and quacked
I was walking down the corridor and Paul farted a few metres infront of me, it was like walking through treacle
by ShavenLunatic October 29, 2003
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When the fecal matter you're defacating has the consistency of treacle
I really need to eat more fiber, it's impossible to push out all the fecal treacle
by Matt.Ed September 22, 2020
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