Pronounced 'tray-a-kul' - a person who hails from the Mid Wales town of Welshpool. Apparently there used to be (and still may be) a treacle factory there.
At least I'm not an in-bred like you, you treacle c**t!
by european_bob September 08, 2005
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To have extensive diarrhoea, usually accidently and in a public place
Temple ate his dads curry and later the poor guy just couldnt make it in time and treacled his underwear

by Little Miss Mayonnaise June 07, 2005
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Also see Syrup tits. Tits so empty and floppy that they spill over a bra like treacle dripping from a kitchen counter
by Montiero is the worst Chris November 14, 2020
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sticky and thick period blood that has been known to drip down the leg causing embarassment and possibly a shoe full of this stick treacle mess
You can tell by the moaning that she is dripping haemoglobin - this refers to the devils treacle. You can also tell by the smell that she isn't very well. See minge demon
by Bean, Dave May 16, 2005
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Meaning: Bee's that have flown through treacle, inhibiting their ability to fly correctly. The bee's will be sluggish and can be identified from a distance by their low pitched, crazy, buzzing sound.
Normal Bee : zzzzzzzzzzzz

Treacle Bee's: eeeeyyyaaaaoooooouuuuuuuuuoughaaaa eeeeee aaaaa bbbbbbbooooaaaaaaaaaaaaa ( Try to imagine the voice of 'Taz' from the Taz Mania
by Ringwood boondoggle May 08, 2010
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The sticky residue left around the pump hole after a particularly wet fart.
I had a really hot curry tonight. I have a feeling my boxer shorts will be covered in fecal treacle tomorrow.
by Holdontoyourwig April 09, 2014
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Terminology used in chris Morris' Nathan Barley s1e2. used in place of babe, darling, hun, sweetheart and doll snatch and so on.
Alwight Treacle slit
by Swede O' Nim April 16, 2009
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