When the fecal matter you're defacating has the consistency of treacle
I really need to eat more fiber, it's impossible to push out all the fecal treacle
by Matt.Ed September 22, 2020
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An adult male who inserts a mid-sized crochet hook into his urethra. Once reaching the base of the penis, makes a sharp twist and pulls the urethra out backwards.
Overly curious ER patient: "What's wrong with that guy, his crotch is covered in blood?"

ER nurse: "Oh, just another treacle hunter"
by spozbot March 15, 2010
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When you take a large watery shit on a sponge and you shove it up a girls vagina or a mans urethra
I gave Martha a treacle sponge last night
by Nullifiedgoose December 23, 2020
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A women who appears to be a sweethearted, trustworthy, caring individual in public to people outside her circle of friends, relatives as well as relationships, including co-workers, but is actually supercilious in nature casting harsh and content insults often in fits of selfish rage. Based on a tart made from black treacle, a darker molasses, that has a distinctively strong, slightly bitter flavor that is disgusting if sampled from the jar.
"My sister is a total treacle tart." warned Joe to his friend Dan when his sister started to hit on him.
by D_WM July 14, 2016
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Refers to a small/tight air vent or slag for "tight ass hole" a example where this would be used " I smashed her treacle vent in "
I smashed her treacle vent in
by Lloyderino March 07, 2014
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