"You want to get a Tampax in ya, before you have the Devils treacle running down your leg!"
by Fil the Swill January 24, 2003
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A hot spunky sauce emitted by health-obsessed individuals.
My Vegetable loving friend saw an aubergine and immediately splurted his Vegan treacle all over my Kashmir jumper.
by shitinacup7 October 20, 2015
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a male who likes to dip there love stick, down some other males treacle passage !
curt loves the male bum so he is a treacle dipper
by mufcking July 01, 2011
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Treacle Well was thought to be an antidote to poisons. Treacle or molassas was also used for sore throats or colds.
"Thyne fair maiden hath been poisonedth."
"Pray thou, thee hath bring thyne fair maiden to thy treacle well."
by luxie November 25, 2006
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The end product of a good anal sesh.Solid cable made more fluid with the introduction of a males potential babies
Russell: Fuck Yeah!!!

Mo:Godddd Damn It Russ, your spaf is makin turnin ma shit into Rusty Treacle!!
by Sir Marc Wilcox February 20, 2009
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