Calling someone a "Nathan Barley" means there a bit of a c*nt to put it simply. There waste there money of independent expensive trendy clothes, ONLY listen to underground music, attempt to imitate "Banksy" (See Banksy) and think there the king of urban "cool" (Just like the Nathan Barley from the show.)
East London is the spawning point of "Nathan Barleys."

"Pacey is a bit of a Nathan Barley"

by Jazz Maverick May 16, 2006
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Nathan Barley is a fictional character that represents all that is bad about the Shoreditch twat, a rich middle-class white guy of a wank stain, schooled in the arts, who thinks they will revolutionise the Internet and wear the coolest 'alternative' fashion clothes, and hang out in the coolest places of East London. In reality, they are out of touch, sheltered, self-absorbed guys with laughable 'trendy' haircuts and generally regarded as cunts by anyone whose ever met them.
by Twiki-wiki-piki February 27, 2005
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Character from the nathan barley show origanally named cunt for obvious reasons. Steriotypical middle-upper class dick head hu thinks he's "it" or "the shit"
However much i hate him tho, love the show, and feel strangely attracted to the dikhead.
"OMG i've just realise hu stuart is like NATHAN BARLEY!!"
by Seds March 18, 2005
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Proof that even Chris Morris can write a pile of crap.
How did the genius behind The Day Today and Brass Eye come up with unwatchable catshite like Nathan Barley?
by OD Smith March 10, 2005
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