A subgenre of pop music that consists of catchy, but shallow lyrics, electronic beats/instrumentals, and autotune galore. Some of the lyrical hallmarks that comprise the subgenre are profanity, hypersexuality, excessive alcohol consumption, hedonism, and superficiality. Trash pop tends to also have an incredibly "cheap" and "generic" sound to it, and literally anyone could probably attempt to have a career in this subgenre because it doesn't take really any vocal talent or developed songwriting abilities. Other than the common lyrical themes prevalent in trash pop, the signature sounds of trash pop music include: very limited emphasis on vocal talent/range, electronic/computerized beats and instrumentals, generic/run-of-the-mill production backing the songs, and genral loudness and obnoxiousness.

Trash pop became extremely popular and mainstream in the mid to late 2000s through the early 2010s, with legitimate popstars devoting themselves entirely to the genre, as well as a plethora of reality TV stars and internet sensations foraying into the subgenre. Although, it's gained more recent popularity, trash pop has probably been around in some form before this time. Trash pop has catchy, but degrading, lyrics and melodies, and ultimately can be summed up, befittingly, as "throwaway."
Various Trash Popstars:


Lady Gaga
Kaci Battaglia
Jessie & the Toy Boys
Kimberly Cole
Heidi Montag
Jeffre Star
Chris Crocker
by bluesunstorm January 8, 2013
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Generic bland soulless manufactured corporate pop music, spoon-fed for mass consumption especially the youth that the manufacturers think are gullible, dumb and will listen to any stupid bullshit the radio DJs will play on their local radio stations. It has pedestrian lyrics, automated rhythms (often sampled or at least stolen from pervious musical sources), repeating choruses over and over again, banal sexual lyrical themes and more often than not lotsa lotsa lotsa autotune to disguise the fact that the vocalist can't sing worth a damn. It's on the fucking radio dial, on the fucking PA in the supermarket, in the fucking CD bins, on the fucking videos - it's a massive brainwash. There's some good modern, mature, serious music out there but these days you have to look a lot harder to find it.
1. Since the early 90s the Billboard Hot 100 has ceased being relevant (as if it ever reflected America's tastes in the first place). Now there are several charts for several categories - for who else cares. There's the 'adult contemporary' for the suburban white 'soccer mom' urban families, the 'Christian contemporary' pop with a high JPM ('Jesus Per Minute') ratio, the Hot Dance (the higher BPM the better), 'contemporary country' (a bastardized genre run by the 'hat acts') and other Pure Pap For Non-People.

2. Trash Pop stars are often here today, gone tomorrow. They get famous mostly because of their videogenic looks.

3. Trash Pop is so stupid, anybody can assemble it. I'm no songwriter but you could put some LSD or XTC in my drink and I could write better songs than that when I'm stoned. You probably could too.

4. I visited Niagara Falls, NY last year and while the historical sites are still worth checking out, the falls view end is all douched up. $8 burritos, cheap souvenir shops selling cheap junk, parking meters taking $2 change good for 45 minutes tops, 'family-oriented' money-stealing tourist traps galore and an outdoors PA system belching generic stupid trash pop music in the air - all over the fucking place.
by I Saw U2 Live Twice June 6, 2020
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Trash pop is when you grab a half eaten Popsicle out of the trash can and ram it up your anus, and take try to eat it
Usually results in the consumer getting extremely sick
Guy: Truth or dare
Girl: Dare
Guy: I dare you to do a Trash pop with that half eaten popsicle bobby threw in the trash
by EtheriumAbbadon May 12, 2018
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The mainstream (and over-used) format of popular music originating in the mid-decade of 2000. The most common setup is a vocal piece that has a break in between for a featured rapper.
Person 1: "Hey did you hear that new single by Cudi? Why did he turn to pop trash?"
Person 2: "Yea dude, I'm kinda bummed he sunk to that level."
by BLAKA!! October 17, 2010
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A dandy synthpop revival duo from the New York City.
Matt makes sex noises. Da, I love his Pop Trash.
by Godly One December 20, 2005
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