1. Incredibly badass.
2. The best of the best
You see the Battaglia kid? He's the biggest badass I've ever seen
by zaksatoken July 16, 2008
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The purposeful wasting or spilling of perfectly good beer in order to avoid its consumption is Battagliaism.
Bataglia walked behind the house and dumped his beer, thus commiting Battagliaism.

by Steve Clement December 21, 2006
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this word is Italian for battle. It is also North East American (more specifically State Collegian) English for an ugly fat whore who is so depressed about how no one likes her that she acts like a giant bitch to people for absolutely no reason. The origins of the term are unknown. women describable by this term can be found lurking in dunkin donuts downtown in State College, Pennsylvania
Dude: you see that fat bitch over there? she's jealous of your girlfriend and made fun of her for being persian!

Dude 2: wow what a battaglia
by SC1234567891011 April 29, 2011
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He is a smexy boy, REALLY CUTE! If u see this hot piece of ass in the hallway u better tap. If not kys. Make sure u clench his cock hard, he likes that. Last of all u have to rip his pants off, and say, "GIMMY THAT ASS!!!!
Anthony Battaglia, a real baddy if u ask me, he's just built different. In a very sus manner.
by kayden is gay November 12, 2020
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