A place where drugs are used, or sold
johnny is going to the trap tonight.
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by acousticDrumz September 12, 2016
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A form of transport usually a car, truck, suv ect..
"...sit back in the gully trap..."
by Drakoe July 08, 2005
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The term β€œThe Trap” aka The Ghetto aka The Hood had to have been first used by some plumber. A trap is a uniquely shaped pipe used under most household sinks that retains a small amount of water, which creates a seal that keeps the foul smelling sewage gas from the drain pipe from coming back out into open space. If you think about it, we use the term β€œThe Trap” to refer to the hood, where crime is rampant and a place where society wants to keep the people living there from coming out into the suburbs. So I personally think it is strange that rappers glorify the trap because it is a governmental system that is put in place to repress the people living in poverty even further from better living standards and opportunities.
The hood is like a trap pipe.
by Illuminaire June 07, 2018
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A sheltered space, usually a house, known by the local crowd as a point of sale for various controlled substances.

In some cases the house is abandoned and squatted on hence the phrase "trappin out the bando"
I need to pick-up. The trap is that way. You comin'?
by Jagerbomb714 January 18, 2018
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