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Trapped, a word commonly used to describe a relationship in which one party "trapped" the other. The most common trap being the female getting pregnant.
"Man, Sheila totally trapped Joey, she got pregnant!"
by Cynpix July 16, 2018
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Used to describe the utter loss of words when one contradicts what another is saying. Leaving the original speaker with no comeback.
Guy 1: Bryan, shut up, I never slept with her!
Guy 2: Dude, Aaron, we have the video.
Guy 1: (baffled, nothing to say)
Guy 2: Haha. TRAPPED!
by MM and KK December 17, 2008
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Usually used in reference to a Charisma Man in a relationship with a smarter - and usually Asian - female. The man has been tricked into unwanted marriage via a "surprise" pregnancy or by other underhanded means (the trapper often executes a well-formulated plan which the trappee is blissfully unaware of).
An interjection - sometimes an adjective - always said in a shouty whisper.
A: Did you hear EFM got married to his girlfriend?
B: Really?! I thought he was going to dump her.
A: Yeah, but she got pregnant...
B: Trapped!
by tombo22 August 20, 2007
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A self imposed feeling or feeling imposed upon others after someone has completed a successful trapezious workout on shoulder day. This feeling is usually created or felt by others when the traps of a person become so large that they begin to make contact with the underside of his or her earlobes.
Bro#1: Nice workout man!
Bro#2: You feelin' trapped bro?!
Bro#1: So trapped!

Girl 1: Oh my god that guy is so trapped.
Girl 2: Wow! You aren't kidding
Girl 1: His traps are giving him cauliflower ear!
by therichsterman July 24, 2013
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The state when you are making the right or sensible decisions as anyone else—you need to make the "wrong decision," by doing the very opposite to stand out from the crowd.
If you don't want to be trapped, do the unreasonable thing, by taking the "bad decisions"—the safe decision often has boredom, danger, or poverty written all over it.
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by MathPlus June 19, 2017
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When you think you found a cute girl but it's a cis guy with a penis. see transvestite
Chad: hey Jeremy I found this qt on tinder she's like a 9/10.
Jeremy: that's a guy on hrt, I think you've been trapped bro.
Chad: damn
by BigTittyGothGf666 November 30, 2018
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