Referring to the obtainment of a large sum of currency or when a squad nigga needs to hit his hood up.
Tupac: You ready to do this T?
T-pain: You know it nigga, let's get this money.
Juicy-J: Ayy you ready to hit the club tonight?
Notorious Big: Yo shit dawg let's get this money
by Xx_LetsGetThisMoney_xX August 26, 2018
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An old union term referring to a foreman or superintendent going to the union hall to collect a workers wages before firing them.
Hey man, I am going to be late today.
Dude, boss man gonna get your money!
by helrunr August 15, 2019
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To work out

Give it all you got

Look at David doing some dips over there
“Hey, David! Get your money, my boi!”
by Puddles May 11, 2019
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to masterbate while in county jail, usually in an a shower area designated for masterbation
the shower on the right is to "get your money" in the one on the left is for showering
by woody cockard January 31, 2010
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To get one's affairs in order.
Wait 'til I get my money right. -Kanye West
by JJRR July 27, 2007
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he is not a real person he is a voice impersonating of a 20 year old gangster with a up and coming rap career but is just 13 year old white kid with an abnormally deep voice.
me: you heard of that guy jermiah ''get this money'' freeman ?
friend:aint that you?
by floridaman202069 June 2, 2020
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"Getting Money" is intensely doing any activity with a large amount of focus and determination.
"The other day I saw a pregnant chick at the gym getting money! Can you believe it?"
by GaterSkater September 19, 2013
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