to get rid of, or destroy someone or something forever
The challengers must try and vanquish their opponent to win the match.
by akain November 12, 2007
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The sexiest car that is around period. It is of the Aston Martin variety, costing around 200,000 dollars.
Good heavens! Is that an Aston Martin Vanquish driving behind me? ::heart attack::
by shepherd of pervs February 4, 2004
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Redux, nobody who owns a Vanquish would waste their time posting on this site.
by Arto Saari March 9, 2004
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'Vanquish' means to be a genius. It can be used to describe a "noob" or a "hacker" in counter-strike. 'Vanquish' also means that girls follow you around everywhere.
OMG! All you get are headshots! What a vanquish!
Man I have like 20 girlfriends. I am so vanquish.
by JYoo April 15, 2005
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To finish off a bottle of Black Tower wine
Does anyone want to help me vanquish the Black Tower?
by Pashbrown March 29, 2020
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A player of the utmost respect in Planetia terms. Both skilled and sexy, a Vanquisher, or the Vanquisher, will be as 'leet' as one called Linkie in many circumstances. However, that is only if the Vanquisher can find a galaxy.
A, or the Vanquisher, will be active, and, provided not in a galaxy with n00bs, will do his best for the galaxy, and pwn.
by Arnie March 14, 2004
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World of Warcraft guild.
A raiding guild on the Cho'Gall server.

A group of self-loathing, elitist, misogynist asshats.

Are infamous for a distinct and utterly pathetic "no girls" policy.
Believe women (or "girls" to them) are icky and, produce drama to such a degree that barring them from their premiere boys club guild will stymie the drama that pockmarks 99.9% of all guilds, in all games everywhere.

As anyone can predict by such a policy, members are cowardly, arrogant, dimwitted and very angry. Responses on the boards are usually unguilded alts screaming one or two lines of trolling drivel.

The sad thing is, such a policy is a blindingly obvious sign, that members are lonely, easily excited, virginal nerds who are so pathetically weak of will and inexperienced with women, that they can't even keep their shit straight when in the same Ventrillo server as a female player, who would never fuck them anyway.

Any problems with drama can be solved by recruiting adults.

But the whole Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Army of Azeroth mentality works too I guess.

WoW players are already stigmatized as losers. These clowns are keeping that misconception alive.
Vagina crits Vanquish of Cho'Gall for 10 damage (99999 overkill)
by Lig Na Baste May 7, 2009
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