A witty or street-smart female, usually with an urban flavor or appeal, who is loyal and resourceful . Baddest female superior to petty affairs and bitches. She is down to do what is needed for her friends, family and man. . Capable of sass, class, and trash. She enjoys hip-hop, urban and trap culture .
I told you she was a trap queen because she worked a job and a hustle to hold all of them down when her man got locked up.
by Falcon H March 02, 2015
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The queen of traps. A dude that looks and acts so much like a woman that you couldn't tell him apart from a girl without looking you-know-where.
Dude 1: look at that girl!
Dude 2: no! he's a trap queen!
by Qbou3mT July 20, 2015
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Women / girls who live in the projects and/or sales drugs out of her home
You see that trap queen over there at apt 4, she has all the goods (Drugs)
by Stupidity 92❀ February 22, 2015
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A male who is convincgly female in appearance to the point of this being the generally assumed opinion.
"I think I'm going to ask Ashleigh out."

"I wouldn't; I heard Ash might be a trap queen..."
by John Word Smith September 26, 2015
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A female, who's loyal to her boyfriend, and is intelligent. She takes no shit from anyone and rides for her man.
Babe this female keeps trying to talk to me and I already told her I'm cuffed. " What's her name? I'm going to talk to her about what's mines the hell. " trap queen
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A homosocial lover of EDM (electronic dance music) who falls in and out of whatever scene is trending
that trap queen would blow the dj for free entry
by gadzookery October 05, 2015
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