A Trap queen is a female drug dealer. You will find making bags, selling pills and counting her drug money with her drug dealing boyfriend. Typically found at a Trap House- A House where people go to use, but and sell drugs.
"Married to the money, introduced her to my stove
Showed her how to whip it, now she remixin' for low
She my trap queen"

"My bitch is a Trap queen, she moves weight!"
by AnonyMrs May 07, 2015
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A one eyed man is going to come up to you today and tell you about his ghettolicious adventures with a skank that is in fact the one.
I once knew a pirate that tell ale story of a bitch that can steal a mans heart while singing remy boy tales of a Trap Queen yarrrrrg!
by D3monMan May 24, 2015
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A down ass bitch, respected. She will do whatever needed to take care of her family and friends. Loyal AF. Sexy AF . Never disrespected, not even by haters. Takes care of her man and lovers take care of her.A great wingman. Knows how to act like a lady, can take her on a yacht or to a crack house, she knows how to be. Listens to your problems, has the best advice. No subject is taboo, and she'll ride or die for your ass. Loves to fuck. If you're lucky enough to have a trap queen in your life, respect her, keep her around, don't fuck it up. You will never find another. If you're blessed and she let's you, fuck her good.
" I wish I had a trap queen like him,she takes care of shit for that asshole".
"He probably has a huge dick"
by manic=mc² April 08, 2015
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A female woman who is exceptionally proficient at hitting golf shots from sand bunkers, or “traps”
Lindsey is a straight trap queen with her 58 degree wedge
by Aaa678 September 27, 2018
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