When a girl is sucking the dick and she punctures the main vein with her incisor and drains blood out out of the dickie and drinks the cockblood.
Gee Sally, I was thinking maybe we had reached the point in our relationship where I would not even have to ask you for a transylvania steamer.
by DJ Smith January 18, 2005
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When four males have buttsex and its like the human centipede, but the guy at the very front is dressed as a vampire.
I heard that Eli, Marco, Toby, and Wade had a Transylvania Train Station at the party.
by EliReyes16 October 17, 2012
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The act of having sexual intercourse with a menstruating woman, then having her finish you off with a blow job.
I can’t believe she was cool with doing a Transylvania Candy Cane!
by Jet Dude March 19, 2012
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It’s when you have sex with a girl on the rag and then she gives you a blow job!
After doing a Transylvania Candy Cane with her, her mouth looked like a zombie cannibal’s mouth!
by ben-jamin' 321 August 03, 2012
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1) A person being of Transylvanian or general Romanian persuasion who is aggressive in the courting of, or mating with, any and all woman. The results of which can be multiple unplanned or unwanted off-spring and more than several Baby Mama. Other results include but are not limited to; financial draining and/or possible involvement in a domestic fracas which may end in incarceration. It is suggested to avoid leaving a SKOT alone with wives, girlfriends, any female of child bearing age, and pets with suitable genitalia.

2) Other aliases: Igor, Gabor
My sister called yesterday and said that Shawn-Kemp-Of-Transylvania got hit with another paternity suit.
by Marky the wordsmythe August 06, 2020
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A blowjob from a vampire (or gothic person)
1 - And no mere mortal can resist the pleasure of the Transylvania Top.

2 - Robert: I was given a Transylvania Top last night.
Chad: Who gave you that?
Robert: Some goth girl i met last night. she could have been a vampire, but i don't know..
by The Unintelligent Librarian November 27, 2019
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Transylvania Traintracks is another term for laced coffee, or coffee with another substance in it. Coffee that has trace amounts of LSD, Cocaine, or any other drug inside of it would be considered Transylvania Traintracks. The reason it is called Transylvania Traintracks is that the Romanian scientist (Romania is modern-day Transylvania) was killed with laced coffee. The "Traintracks" part is there to remind you that it hits you like a steel train.
I just ran a train on those Transylvania Traintracks and I feel like shit now.
by KKKoolkids November 21, 2017
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