Short for Transylvania. A small, liberal arts college in Lexington, Kentucky where poor people from Kentucky who think they're smart go. Pretty much the crappiest school you can go to and mostly everyone transfers to another school after their first year. Rivals with Centre College, another school in Kentucky.
high school senior #1: where are you going to college next year?
high school senior #2: Well, I didn't get into any of my top 15 choices, so I have to go to Transy.
high school senior #1: that really sucks, soon you will be gay.
high school senior #2: this is true.
by WillieT September 17, 2005
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A Transgender Pansy, someone who is transgender and is also unreasonable to the point where they think they are completely right about whatever they say with no evidence needed

A Transy (pl) Transies
Is/are known to be aggressive and ignorant, one met with such it is advised to call your nearest poilice station, make sure it is a black cop so they don’t get that officer killed too

Their diets are strictly known as sis white males and Male privileges
“Hey I was giving a speach at my college until this heard of transies came a shouted “not politically correct!”

“Wow man are you ok? You should be more careful about that transy
by That_guy U_Know May 28, 2018
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